Helping mom to have safer pregnancies

Our Goal

Our goal is to help those who will be facing rehabilitation after surgery, but also to make the process extremely convenient, taking no more than a few minutes of the patients time.

  • Main Benefit – A patient will find Durable Medical Equipment (DME) here that will aide in their recovery process. SurgPrep enables access to the very best surgery recovery devices prior to, and after surgery.
  • What You Will Really Get – Our service is extremely secure (128 – Bit SSL Encryption) and convenient. The entire process will take no more than a few minutes and you will be on your way.
  • Process – To get started, you will complete our digital registration form. Once eligibility is determined, we will schedule you with a provider via telemedicine. Upon completion of the consult, and approval from your insurance is received, we will then ship your equipment to your home.
  • Insurance – The company is committed to providing an insurance paid solution that is non-opioid and non-addictive.

Who we are

HelptoMoms was formed after the founder, a veteran of the medical equipment industry, and his wife were expecting their first child. He realized very quickly the challenges pregnant women face, as he sought to provide comfort for his wife. The solution he developed for her worked wonderfully, and in their very first year thousands of women were helped.


Patients who have undergone serious surgery are not entirely aware of the options available from their healthcare insurance provider. There are varieties of FDA approved products that can help enhance the rehabilitation process.

Our Services


Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for our patients using HIPAA compliant conferencing tools, when you or your doctor are not able to be physically present with each other. Telemedicine allows our health care professionals to evaluate,consult, diagnose and treat our patients in their environment using modern telecommunication technology. Get connected remotely from your home to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently and without travel.

Patient Intake Form


Our SurgPrep Pregnancy Kit includes many beneficial equipments to help Moms be at ease during their pregnancy period. The kit includes a Tens Unit which helps relieve pain anywhere throughout the body. It also includes a standard Back Brace to help alleviate lower back pain as you grow. Lastly, a compression device to help pump blood circulation in the leg and ankle area to prevent swelling. Learn more by checking out our videos.

Patient Intake Form

"I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife(CNM), and a Family Nurse Practitioner Certified (FNP-C). Using the DVT Prevention Device, part of the DME Pregnancy Kit will help prevent blood clots, especially after a big blood loss and/or could definitely prevent Moms’ from having a stroke.”

Dr. Melan Smith-Francis, Doctor

"Just received it! Im super excited to use my Pregnancy Kit! Thank you SurgPrep for helping me build the courage to gain more knowledge and understand more about my pregnancy.”

Macie Johnson, Customer

"I was nervous at first but SurgPrep helped me understand the benefits of their product. This kit has helped relieve so much of the pain in my body. I just love it! No more waist pains! No more sleepless nights!”

Harper D. Hamilton, Customer


We are helping those who will be facing rehabilitation after surgery, but also to make the process extremely convenient, taking no more than a few minutes of the patients time.

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